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Inside the Jungle - Episode 203 - Boo? Boo You!

In this episode we discuss Bengals QB Andy Dalton getting booed in his hometown at a Celebrity Softball game prior to the All-Star Game in Cincinnati. Plus your calls!

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It really is true. In Cincinnati, we can't have nice things can we? Here we are, the town has the national spotlight for a few days. The All Star game was a spectacle. The Home Run Derby was amazing and oh by the way won by the hometown slugger. Yet, the headlines that seemed to dominate the week was that the quarterback for the Bengals got booed by the hometown fans at the celebrity softball game. How embarrassing is that? I don't care that Andy Dalton craps himself in the postseason or in primetime. Boo him all you want on the field. I didn't know that paying for your ticket to a softball exhibition game gave you the right to boo someone who at that point hadn't even done anything wrong but apparently show up. It's not like he made an error in the field that cost you a run or two. He simply showed up. That's disappointing and incredibly embarrassing. Get it together Cincy. You're better than that.

On this week's show:

We welcomed AC back to the program this week and immediately jumped into the boo birds piece he wrote. Great read I might add.

Andy Benoit's recent QB rankings on MMQB at Sports Illustrated pits Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton 20th in the NFL. 20th? C'mon.

Dez Bryant and Demaryius Thomas both reach deals with their clubs for 5 years and $70 million. So what does this mean for the Bengals and AJ Green moving forward?

Plus your calls!

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