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Inside the Jungle - Episode 205 - Bengals Rookies Report to Camp

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On this week's episode Scott and I discuss the Bengals rookies and their potential impacts, plus Brandon Tate's roster chances just got better.

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It's here it's here it's finally here! Training Camp has started for the rookies as they reported to Paul Brown Stadium earlier this week! Actual football will be commencing very very shortly. Have you been studying up for your fantasy drafts? Which of these rookies are you most looking forward to seeing play this fall for the Bengals? August is nearly here! On to the show!

On this week's show:

We welcomed Scott back to the program this week and immediately gave an outlook on some of the Bengals rookies. Which Bengals rookie will make the biggest impact this fall?

We reviewed some of the interesting comments made at the annual preseason Media Luncheon at Paul Brown Stadium.

The Brandon Tate bet I've made with friend of the show Cody and Scott just got a little bit easier for me this week with the news that James Wright was put on IR by the Bengals.

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