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Inside The Jungle Discussion: What we're looking for in Preseason Week 1, Giants vs. Bengals

On this week's Inside the Jungle podcast, we discussed the Bengals' first preseason game and what we're keeping an eye out for on Friday night.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

There was a different energy to this week's episode of Inside the Jungle--namely because the Bengals officially kickoff 2015 game action this week against the Giants. We had a slew of calls and we also began to preview Friday night's game.

Obviously, we were all looking for the Bengals to come out of the game devoid of injuries and to show some semblance of crisp play. But, we also talked about some of the position groups that we'll be watching. As it goes with the early preseason games, most of the action will be given to the backups who are grinding for a roster spot.

Defensive back and defensive line were some of the groups we mentioned as ones that we'll be watching, along with others. Scott Bantel seems to think that Cedric Peerman's job is up for grabs, paving the way for someone like James Wilder, Jr. or Terrell Watson to make the roster. Is he right?

Wide receiver is also a group that will be catching our attention (see the pun, there?), but Nick Seuberling, ever the special teams homer, will be keeping a close eye on all facets there. He doesn't want to lose a bet he made regarding Brandon Tate making the final roster. Will he regret the bet?

Have a listen to this segment and tune in to the Wednesday night roundtable at 9 p.m. EST.