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Inside The Jungle Debate: Answering fun fan questions on Bengals players

On last Wednesday's Inside the Jungle Bengals podcast, we answered some fun questions emailed to us from one of our loyal listeners. Have a listen and feel free to submit your questions to us to be answered Wednesday nights!

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Have you listened to the Inside the Jungle Bengals podcast yet? You should--it's the official show of Cincy Jungle, featuring some of our editors and writers. Aside from getting insightful Bengals analysis and letting you know our Beer of the Week, we also take calls from listeners and answer questions they've submitted to us.

Before last Wednesday's show, avid listener Andy Reichenbach submitted a slew of questions to us via email. They were so entertaining that we just had to answer a few of them on air. Some were serious, others were comical, but it made for a pretty good segment.

One question centered around a particular Bengals defensive lineman and the thought that he might have more looks in the offensive backfield than Rex Burkhead. Another had to do with which Bengals player would make the best bar bouncer, which given the options, provides a scary thought.

Of course, no ITJ episode or segment would be complete without some sort of mentioning and/or questioning surrounding quarterback Andy Dalton. How many interceptions will he throw in 2015 and will that number be higher than some other players' stats in certain areas?

What do I mean by that? Listen to the clip, have a laugh and join us Wednesday nights for a high-quality Bengals show. If you can't make it at 9 p.m. EST on Wednesday nights, you can download the podcast through various means, or you can get our ITJ app in the iTunes and Google Play to gain access.