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Inside The Jungle Discussion: Medical Staff Concerns Arise Once Again

In episode No. 206 of Inside The Jungle, both callers and the roundtable guys spoke about some arising concerns with the Bengals' medical staff. Have a listen and share your thoughts.

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If you're unfamiliar with the featured podcast on Cincy Jungle, Inside The Jungle, it has a few shows in its stable. Along with a post-game show during the season and in-season fantasy football updates, ITJ's weekly staple is the Wednesday night roundtable with Nick Seuberling, Mickey Mentzer, Anthony Cosenza and Scott Bantel. If you haven't checked out the show, we discuss the most up-to-date topics surrounding the Cincinnati Bengals. You can listen to the show on Cincy Jungle, subscribe on iTunes (Audio)subscribe to the Video in HDSubscribe to Video in SD or download the ITJ app on Google Play or in the Apple App Store.

This past Wednesday, a couple of really interesting topics came up--one centering around the Bengals' medical staff. Throughout the years under Mike Brown's watch, the staff has come under fire for the mishandling of injuries and potential misdiagnoses.

While it looked like the staff turned a corner from 2011 to present day, a few recent examples have some wondering about the validity of the staff once again. Margus Hunt looks to finally be joining the team for full-go workouts, but should we be hesitant to believe the prognosis. The Bengals have seen similar situations happen dating back to guys like Rich Braham, Chris Perry and Antonio Bryant.

Remember the storylines surrounding Vontaze Burfict and Tyler Eifert last year? What was initially reported by the staff as ailments that wouldn't necessarily keep either of the two guys out for the 2014 season, slowly snowballed into both missing practically the entire season and hurting the team's playoff success.

With Michael Johnson's timeline supposedly looking like a month to six weeks, should we have faith in the medical staff?

Have a listen to that topic from the show: