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Inside the Jungle - Episode 211 - The Bengals Season is Here

On this week's show the 4 of us break down the Bengals 2015 schedule game by game and predict what their record will be come December. Plus your calls!

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IT'S FINALLY HERE BENGALS FANS!!!!! REAL FOOTBALL WILL BE PLAYED THIS SUNDAY IN OAKLAND!!! Can you tell I'm excited? I'm really excited though because I DON'T have to record an episode of Inside the Jungle shirtless while eating tater tots. I have been preaching it for months but I knew once Brandon Tate re-signed this offseason with the Bengals that he would be making this 53 man roster. For whatever reason, Marvin Lewis and Special Teams Coordinator Darrin Simmons love this guy. It's very apparent. To his credit, Tate rarely fumbles the ball on punts and kickoff returns. He does field the odd punt a little too deep in our territory at times. He's not flashy, just solid. Maybe I'm turning on the guy after all. Ok enough of that, ON TO THE SHOW!

On this week's show:

We welcome Mickey back to the program as the four of us discuss the final cuts made to get the Bengals roster down to 53. No real surprises or shocks, just about what we all predicted last week.

Like we do every year on the Wednesday before the season, we break down the schedule game by game and offer our finest predictions. What's your record prediction for the Bengals this season?

Plus it wouldn't be Inside the Jungle without your calls. Good friend of the show Fatal Content called in with his question of the night being "Which rookie will have the biggest impact on the game in Oakland?" What say you?

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