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Inside the Jungle - Episode 229 - Bengals Nearly Pulled It Off

Well, the Bengals are 0-7 in the playoffs under Marvin Lewis. Something's got to give! Plus we discuss the departure of Hue Jackson to Cleveland.

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There's not much you can really say about what happened on Saturday night. Oh wait, yes there is. There's lots to stay about that performance. You can argue the refs stole this one. You can argue that Joey Porter cheated. You can argue that Vontaze Burfict is a victim of his own reputation. The point is, the Bengals are still 0-7 in the playoffs under Marvin Lewis. Every time we get to this point in January the same sentence is uttered throughout Bengaldom. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. When will this end! Yes it's great getting to the postseason every year, but when is this playoff misery going to end!?!? Please make it stop! We just want a win in January! On to the show!

On this week's show:

This week I'm joined by Anthony and Scott as we offer up our best and mostly worsts from Saturday night's playoff loss for the Bengals.

What went wrong for the Bengals Saturday night? Was it coaching? Playcalling? The officials?

Hue Jackson's moved on and has now been named the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns. Let's pause for a second a just get this out of the way. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok resume normal reading.

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