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Bengals vs. Ravens: Marvin Lewis confirms that the Bengals won't rest starters on Sunday

The question whether the Bengals will rest their starters or not has been answered... at least for now. And that is if you believe Lewis.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis listened to my emotionally-fueled rant that the Bengals should do whatever they must to beat the Baltimore Ravens this Sunday. Along with symbolically beating a team that they haven't (save for the preseason-like regular season finale in 2012), the Bengals could claim the No. 2 seed if the Bills beat the Patriots... or fall to the No. 4 seed if the they lose to the Ravens and Indianapolis beats Jacksonville.

Lewis confirmed on Sunday that they're all-in, full-go.

Along with the symbolism and the seeding implications, resting starters and disrupting the regular season routine tends to have a greater impact but not for the good because the momentum that was built is broken.

Then again, this could be Lewis' attempt to push tickets and prevent a black out.