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Bengals announce 10,000 playoff tickets remain

It appears that the Bengals are panicking a little, despite having that many tickets remain for games without any dates or times.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals announced on Thursday that over 10,000 tickets remain for the team's first playoff game.

Oh, no!

This comes only two days after the team announced that single-game playoff tickets were available for the first home-game. That's right. On Dec. 24, they announced that they were available. Dec. 25 was Christmas. Today is Dec. 26.

And to this day, we're not sure when the Bengals will play, or even if they'll play next week at all -- a win and a Patriots loss ensures Cincinnati a bye week.

And only five days ago, the Bengals announced that fans could buy two-game packages for the "possibility" of having two home games in the playoffs.

We're not worried and nor should you. Once this weekend concludes and the game's date and time is known, those tickets will go quickly.