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Bengals wearing the black on black combination

There are some interested in knowing what the Bengals will wear this weekend against the Ravens. We have your answer.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

There are some in the world that are routinely interested in Cincinnati's uniform combination. Yes. In the end what you wear really doesn't have much significant on how one plays -- though sometimes my personal confidence increases when I'm wearing something with a little swag. Anyway, this is for those interested in such combinations.

The Bengals will be wearing black shirts with black pants on Sunday, as the team hosts the Baltimore Ravens at Paul Brown Stadium. This will be the 22nd time that the Bengals will wear black-on-black, posting a 11-9-1 record since Cincinnati's last major uniform design in 2004.

Black is the designated home jerseys, so it makes sense that Cincinnati is 35-34-1 when wearing black shirts with white and black pants. However, when the Bengals wear orange shirts, they're 17-5. Due to NFL rules, they can only wear those twice every year. White shirts (away games)... yikes.

Jersey combinations since '04:

Orange Black 3-0-0 1.000
Orange White 12-5-0 .706
Black Black 11-9-1 .548
Black White 24-25-0 .490
White Black 18-21-0 .462
White White 13-21-0 .382