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Ravens FG reduces Bengals lead, 17-9

Andy Dalton has thrown three interceptions and the Ravens have scored a field goal on each turnover.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It doesn't take much for momentum to change in the NFL.

Despite forcing a three and out while leading 17-6 early in the third quarter, the Bengals hit a wall in the third quarter when Andy Dalton threw his third interception of the afternoon.

Baltimore, taking over at the Bengals 47-yard line, moved the football to Cincinnati's 22-yard line after generating a pair of first downs. However, a Michael Boley tackle on Dennis Pitta's five-yard reception, forced the Ravens to convert the 34-yard field goal to reduce Baltimore's deficit to eight points.

Dalton has thrown three interceptions on Sunday and the Ravens have taken advantage by converting all three into field goals.