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Ravens and Bengals tied at 17 in the third quarter

The Cincinnati Bengals have started unraveling in the third quarter, having their 11-point lead wiped out.

Andy Lyons

It's all unraveling.

Andy Dalton throws an interception on Cincinnati's opening possession in the third quarter on a play that was clearly the result of bad communication between Dalton and wide receiver Dane Sanzenbacher. Baltimore strings together a 26-yard possession that results in a field goal, reducing Cincinnati's lead 17-9.

With the help of a penalty, the Bengals lose two yards on the ensuing possession and Shawn Powell massively blows a 10-yard punt into the stands, giving Baltimore the football at Cincinnati's 40-yard line. The Ravens go the distance in six plays and score a touchdown with 5:19 remaining, reducing Cincinnati's lead to two points.

Baltimore attempted a two-point conversion, but it led to an incomplete pass after Chris Crocker was called for defensive holding. Flacco pitched the football on the free PAT down from the Bengals one-yard line, and Ray Rice turns the corner for the conversion.

The game is tied at 17 with 5:13 remaining in the third quarter.