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Bengals OC Jay Gruden on goal line interception

Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden reflects on the play that was called during the goal line interception early in the fourth quarter.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

With 9:16 remaining in the fourth quarter, the Bengals have a 27-17 lead when Andy Dalton hands off BenJarvus Green-Ellis. Powering through defenders (aka, victims in Bennie's world), the Bengals running back was finally slowed at the one-yard line, completing a run not unlike being injected with so much testosterone that anyone watching would have experienced a Duck Dynasty-like beard growth within seconds.

One would think that on the following play, Cincinnati would call that up.

Instead, quarterback Andy Dalton threw a back-shoulder pass to A.J. Green. The football hung up long enough for cornerback Jimmy Smith to reach out and intercept the football.

Why not run the football?!

During 700 WLW's postgame interviews with Dave Lapham, offensive coordinator Jay Gruden admitted that the play called was a run-pass. If A.J. Green was playing against single-coverage, the call was for Dalton to check into a pass and throw it to Green. Otherwise, it's a run. Gruden ultimately took the blame for the play call, but ended with "bad decision by Andy."

Marvin Lewis was far more "diplomatic about it".

Ultimately, who cares. Despite Dalton's four picks (not all on him), the Bengals still won by 17 points.