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Salary Cap And CBA

Postings regarding salary cap related information and general CBA postings.

Bengals updated salary cap status

Cincinnati's remaining cap space is between $17 million and $18 million, depending on which source you trust the most. We provide multiple sources to give an overall projection.

Fifth-year option numbers for Dre and Zeitler

If the Bengals decline to exercise the fifth-year option for cornerback Dre Kirkpatrick and offensive guard Kevin Zeitler before May 3, both players become free agents next year. If they exercise the option for both, it'll cost nearly $16 million

Bengals should restructure Leon Hall's contract

Bengals cornerback Leon Hall enters his final season under contract with a $9.6 million cap numbers (tied for second-highest on the team) and a base salary of $7.7 million (also second-highest). Maybe it's time for the Bengals to restructure.

Bengals 2015 free agents list

Now that we've reached the offseason, it's time to look at the team's roster. Here are the Bengals free agents in 2015. Should we keep anyone or everyone?

Dalton receives significant bonus if Bengals win

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton can earn a ton of money based on the team's postseason successes. If Cincinnati wins this weekend in Indianapolis, Dalton will receive a million bucks.

Even When Bengals Do Things Right, It Goes Wrong

Over the past few seasons, the Bengals have had a seemingly wise inward focus with contracts. The elation lasted only so long after disappointments have set in.

Jeremy Hill contract breakdown vs. Bengals RBs

Looking at the details of Jeremy Hill's contract with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Over $3 million in workout bonuses approaching

Bengals defensive linemen Carlos Dunlap and Geno Atkins will earn the most, each receiving a $300,000 workout bonus.

Bengals with $24.2 million under salary cap

The newsflash of the day: The Bengals have one of the league's biggest salary cap numbers.

Breaking down Vincent Rey's contract

The contract details are released and the breakdowns are finally known, including the cap hit for each season with Vincent Rey under contract.

Bengals have $26.851 million under the cap

But only about $12 million of that will be spent on unrestricted free agents and extensions on players entering the final year of their respective contracts.

Bengals elect not to apply franchise tag

The Bengals, as expected, didn't apply the franchise tag by Monday's deadline. Save for any last minute agreements, Anthony Collins and Michael Johnson will become unrestricted free agents on March 11.

Tender amounts for restricted free agents

The Cincinnati Bengals have three restricted free agents this year and we expect that the team will tender all three.

Rules Regarding Restricted Free Agents

With the sensational talk this offseason surrounding unrestricted free agents entering free agency, we'd like to take a moment to review rules regarding restricted free agents -- what exactly is a restricted free agent and the rules concerning them.

Official Franchise Tag and Transition Tag Numbers

With the NFL announcing the 2014 salary cap at $133 million, official franchise tag and transition tag numbers were released on Friday.

Salary cap could be set by Friday, probably Monday

As we approach the start of free agency next month, the league is getting ready to set the final 2014 salary cap number -- which is in the same neighborhood of figures that have been released recently.

NFL salary cap projection reaches $132 million

If the 2014 salary cap reaches $132 million, then the Bengals will have roughly $29 million of space to play with.

Bengals Estimated Rookie Pool for 2014 NFL draft

The Cincinnati Bengals will have to set aside roughly $4.5 million (and upwards to $5 million for undrafted free agents) for rookies that are acquired this summer.

Projected with over $22 million in cap space

The Cincinnati Bengals have one of the best salary cap situations in the NFL and may have over $22 million available under the cap in 2014.

Bengals' Top-Five Free Agent Priorities For 2014

Though we're jumping the gun a bit, we decided to look ahead at the 2014 free agency period. The Bengals have build a solid team, but face losing some key players next offseason when their contracts expire. Who are the most important to keep?

Cincinnati Bengals are $8.5 million under the cap

While fans are euphoric about the team's successes at the midway point, a reminder that the future actually looks even brighter.

The Misleading $28.9 Million Salary Cap Number

Pro Football Talk released updated salary cap numbers on Tuesday and it's a little misleading for the Cincinnati Bengals and their plans.

Bengals Plan To Roll Over $10 Million In Cap Space

With so much cap space this year and the pressing need to start putting together contract extensions next year, the Bengals are giving themselves a little breathing room by rolling over $10 million in cap space to 2014.

Flattened Salary Cap Catches NFL Teams Off Guard

With the salary cap set at $123 million for 2013, many teams expected a larger increase and were caught off guard. Mike Brown and the Bengals, however, are swimming in cap space, giving them a significant advantage for retaining their elite players.

Will Bengals Let Andre Smith Walk And Draft A RT?

The Bengals have a huge (pardon the pun) decision to make at the right tackle position this year. It's believed that they are attempting to lock down Andre Smith long-term, but is that truly the best route for the Bengals going forward?

Minimum Cash Spend Requirement under the CBA

We take a basic look at the minimum cash spend requirement per the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Explaining Restricted Free Agents And Compensation

The offseason is here and there are offseasony things that the Cincinnati Bengals will apply and that fans should be experts regarding. This week, restricted free agents from a more technical perspective.

Bengals Currently $10.2M Under The Salary Cap

The Cincinnati Bengals are currently north of $10 million on the salary cap.

Teams Being Told Salary Cap Is $121.1 Million

The Cincinnati Bengals may actually have more to spend under the 2013 salary cap.

Cap Numbers Could Promote Change For The Bengals

The Cincinnati Bengals have a handful of players, mainly backups, with a decent salary cap number for 2013.


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