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2014 NFL salary cap projection reaches $132 million

If the 2014 salary cap reaches $132 million, then the Bengals will have roughly $29 million of space to play with.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the thing when trying to figure out the salary cap for the upcoming season.

The pre-offseason projections are usually off. Initial "confirmed" salary cap estimates are usually followed by additional numbers, of which causes general uncertainty in this context. In other words, it's constantly evolving, as fluid as the Ohio river, and foolish to project the team's itinerary based on premature projections.

Earlier this week, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter reported that the 2014 NFL salary cap will be $130 million -- an unexpected five percent increase from the $123 million figure in 2013.

In the two days since that report, that number has already evolved according to ESPN senior writer, and fellow heavy metal rock star, John Clayton.

If Clayton's number is the more exact, then that would give Cincinnati $29 million available under the salary cap, projecting an opportunity that could re-sign both Michael Johnson and Anthony Collins, two of Cincinnati's top free agents hitting the market next month.