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Salary cap number between $132 million and $133 million could be set by Friday

As we approach the start of free agency next month, the league is getting ready to set the final 2014 salary cap number -- which is in the same neighborhood of figures that have been released recently.

Allison Joyce

A report surfaced last week that the 2014 salary cap could reach $132 million. At the time, that number was somewhat surprising to league experts. Another report dictated the the salary cap could surpass $132 million, and "could be a 'few million' higher than $132 million."

According to Tom Pelissero with the USA TODAY, the salary cap will be between $132 million and $133 million. It could be set as soon as Friday, but "most likely by Monday."

According to, the Bengals Top-51 players have a cap number of $110,314,240. Spotrac has a cap number of $111,300,520. Using basic math, based on those sources, the Bengals will have well over $20 million available under the cap -- there are some reports applying an higher number, closer to $30 million.