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Bengals have committed $593.4 million to all their players on the current roster

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If you accumulated all of the Bengals players contracts currently on file, the Bengals have committed the 11th-most money in the NFL at nearly $594 million.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

According to a story from Business Insider, the Cincinnati Bengals have committed $593.4 million to all players currently on their roster -- the statistical perspective takes into account the total amount of money spent during the length of each player's respective deal, during the full length of their contract.

Per the chart within the story, the Bengals have the 11th most dedicated money behind teams like Dallas ($680.8 million), New Orleans ($647.3 million), Kansas City ($636.1 million), Philadelphia ($629.8 million) and Green Bay ($627.8).

Business Insider

You'll notice Cincinnati has one of the lowest figures when it comes to guaranteed contracts; probably an argument for why the Bengals wouldn't want to re-sign A.J. Green to a contract high in guarantees, as they like to keep those numbers low. On the other hand, New England has the lowest guaranteed number at $145.1 million, or 35.2 percent of their total... and they're doing alright for themselves.