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Tecmo Bowl Futures - Browns Vs. Steelers

We turn our Tecmo predicting engine on a big divisional game this weekend to see what the outcome of the Browns Vs. Steelers matchup may look like on Sunday.

During the bye week we turn our focus to other games that may affect the division or wildcard for the Bengals. The biggest matchup on Sunday is between the Steelers and the Browns. Both are currently sitting at 4 and 6. One game behind the New York Jets at 5-5 for the last spot in the playoffs. Whoever wins this game still has a good chance of making a playoff run. Whoever loses can probably toast the end of their season. Let's see what Tecmo has to say about the game.


The Steelers start with the ball and 1 long pass to Antonio Brown is all it takes for Pittsburgh to take the lead 7 - 0.

2_medium 3_medium

The Browns show they came to play, and match the Steelers on a Jason Campbell pass to Greg Little.

4_medium 5_medium

The Steelers come right back with an answer, this game looks to be a shoot out. Heath Miller catches a Ben Roethlisberger pass for a touchdown.

6_medium 7_medium

At the end of one the Steelers lead 14-7.


Although the Steelers are playing good defense and Larry Foote records a sack, the Browns are able to find the end zone on a Dion Lewis touchdown run.

9_medium 10_medium


Once again the Steelers answer right back on another Antonio Brown touchdown.

12_medium 13_medium

With little time left in the half, the Browns are able to move the ball into position for a field goal try.

14_medium 15_medium


At the half the Steelers are on top 21 - 17.

17_medium 18_medium

To open up the second half, the Browns again find success on the ground with Dion Lewis.

19_medium 20_medium

The Browns defense attempts to step it up with a sack from Ahtyba Rubin.


It is not enough as Roethlisberger finds Antonio Brown for another touchdown.

22_medium 23_medium

Cleveland has an answer and feeds Dion Lewis again for the score.

24_medium 25_medium

Pittsburgh again has no trouble moving the ball through the air and at the end of 3 the score is 28 - 31 in favor of the Browns.

26_medium 27_medium

Touchdown Steelers, guess who.

28_medium 29_medium

Once again, the Browns rise to the task and get a score of their own. This time it is Campbell to Josh Gordon for the score.


Then the Browns defense really begins to bring pressure. Sacks from D'Qwell Jackson and Paul Kruger makes moving the ball tough for Pittsburgh.

32_medium 33_medium


The Steelers do manage to get a field goal to tie the game with about a minute left.


With time running down, Jason Campbell sees Greg Little open but is facing a ton of pressure from the Pittsburgh line. He fires a pass that is almost blocked. Little makes the grab and sets the Browns up for a game winning field goal attempt.

38_medium 39_medium

It's up, it's good.

40_medium 41_medium

The Browns win and set themselves up for a run at a wild card.

42_medium 43_medium