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Tecmo Bowl Futures - Bengals Vs. Ravens

You can go anywhere on the web and find what the experts think the outcome of any game will be. I have my own expert. She was born in 1991 and has had my heart ever since. Her name, Tecmo Super Bowl.

It seems that whenever there is a division game, records are thrown out the window and anything can happen in the AFC North. So this week we pit the Bengals against the Ravens in a division battle on Tecmo Bowl. Let's see what happens.


The injury bug bites again as Marvin Jones is forced to leave the game on the opening kickoff.


The Bengals drive down the field on the back of Giovani Bernard. In the red zone Andy Dalton throws a bad interception to keep the Bengals from scoring any points.

3_medium 4_medium

The Ravens don't have much success on their drive and are forced to punt.

5_medium 6_medium

Haloti Ngata makes his presence known, but a big connection between Dalton and A.J. Green allows the Bengals to move the ball into the red zone again.

7_medium 8_medium

This time, Giovani Bernard is able to punch it in for the score.


At the end of one the Bengals lead 7 - 0.


The Bengals defense continues to be stingy as Michael Johnson is able to bring down Joe Flacco. This forces the Ravens to punt.

11_medium 12_medium

Again the Bengals use the services of Giovani Bernard and he is able to score his second touchdown of the day.

13_medium 14_medium

The Ravens fumble the ball away on their next possession and Terrell Suggs makes Dalton pay a little bit.

15_medium 16_medium

The Bengals continue to play the hot hand and Bernard helps them to move into field goal range.

17_medium 18_medium


At the Half the Bengals lead 17 - 0.

20_medium 21_medium

The Ravens start with the ball and are able to score on an Anthony Allen run. However, the Bengals block the extra point attempt.

22_medium 23_medium


On the Bengals possession, Jermaine Gresham finds the end zone on a pass from Dalton.


The Ravens can't do much of anything and are forced to punt back to the Bengals.

26_medium 27_medium

At the end of three, the Bengals lead 24 - 6.


Then the Bengals start to pour it on. Giovani Bernard catches a pass and takes it in for his third touchdown of the day.


The Ravens turn the ball over on downs and Andy Dalton hits A.J. Green for a long touchdown.


31_medium 32_medium

The Ravens fumble the ball away and Green adds another score to end the game.

33_medium 34_medium

The Bengals beat the Ravens 45 - 6.

35_medium 36_medium