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Tecmo Bowl Futures: Bengals Vs. Packers

You can go anywhere on the web and find what the experts think the outcome of any game will be. I have my own expert. She was born in 1991 and has had my heart ever since. Her name, Tecmo Super Bowl.

The Packers come to Cincinnati with all kind of offensive threats. Will James Starks continue gaining huge chunks of yds like last week? Will Aaron Rodgers throw the ball all over the turf at Paul Brown? I defer to my good friend Tecmo to let us know what is going to happen on Sunday.


The Packers start with the ball and predictably move the ball through the air. The Bengals are persistent and begin to get pressure on Aaron Rodgers. Michael Johnson even notches a sack on the opening drive.

2_medium 3_medium

The Packers fail to score a touchdown in the red zone and successfully kick a field goal to open scoring.

4_medium 5_medium

The Bengals methodically move the ball on the ground during their first drive with a combination of Giovani Bernard and BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

6_medium 7_medium

A red zone interception kills the Bengals drive and at the end of one the Bengals are losing 3-0.

8_medium 9_medium

Through the air the Packers again move the ball. This time resulting in a touchdown. The Bengals are getting no pressure on Rodgers.

10_medium 11_medium

Once again the Bengals get themselves in good field position. This time they need to attempt a field goal. However, the Packers are able to get the block.

12_medium 13_medium

The Packers again have no trouble moving the ball and attempt a field goal of their own. However, the kick sails wide right.

14_medium 15_medium

At the half the Packers lead the Bengals 10 - 0.

16_medium 17_medium

The Bengals come out after the half determined. Andy Dalton orchestrates an outstanding drive ending in an A.J Green touchdown to get the Bengals on the board.

18_medium 19_medium

20_medium 21_medium

On the Packers next possession, the Bengals defense is giving Rodgers fits. There are sacks and pressure that eventually lead to a Bengals interception.

22_medium 23_medium

Andy Dalton is spreading the ball around the field and at the end of the 3rd quarter, the Bengals are driving. The Packers are still on top 10 - 7.

24_medium 25_medium

Once again, the Bengals fail to score in the red zone. After being stopped on 4th down, the Bengals turn the ball over to the Packers.


The defense continues to play tough as James Harrison notches a sack. But the Packers aerial attack proves to be too much as they sail down the field and score another touchdown.


28_medium 29_medium

Time is ticking down as the Bengals are now forced to go for it on every 4th down. Play calling is suspect as they rely heavily on the run.


This time Dalton is able to find Mohamed Sanu for the touchdown.


After the score the Bengals attempt an onside kick. They recover and are set for one last play. That play turns out to be an Andy Dalton scramble that just does not get the job done.

33_medium 34_medium

The Bengals drop their first Tecmo game of the season to the Packers.

35_medium 36_medium