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Robert Geathers interception leads to Giovani Bernard touchdown and 19-0 lead

This is a game full of weird plays and results. Either way, the Bengals are on the winning side of the weirdness with a 19-point lead late in the first half.


Robert Geathers... it's your turn to do the unthinkable.

With 3:49 remaining in the first half, leading 12-0, Titans quarterback Jake Locker takes the shotgun snap on third and nine from the Titans seven-yard line. The football, intended for tight end Delanie Walker, ricochets toward Robert Geathers who was in coverage.

Juggling the football in an "ohmygod, football!" moment, Geathers hauls in the football and returns it to the 17-yard line.

After a defensive pass interference on a rainbow pass to A.J. Green into the endzone, the second that Green caused in the game, Giovani Bernard followed Domata Peko into the endzone to take a 19-0 lead.