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A discourse on subjects, mailbags, topics and obsessions consuming the beautiful mind of some of Cincy Jungle's top analysts.

Charting Reggie Nelson's picks in 2015

Despite Reggie Nelson securing a career-year in 2015, teams have only offered lukewarm curiosity for the Pro Bowler, largely due to concerns with age. When he had his best season, he was already 32 and wasn't showing signs of slowing down.

Bengals have a WR problem... for now

The Cincinnati Bengals lost two significant contributors from their wide receiver roster. While it might hurt in the short-term, Cincinnati will recover, and maybe even improve.

Bengals should bring back Reggie

For the most part, fans are content with the Bengals role in free agency this week. However, they should think twice about shutting the door for a Reggie Nelson return.

Reflecting on day one of Bengals free agency

The Cincinnati Bengals didn't move much during the first day of free agency, and we expected this.

Andrew Whitworth goes off on Joey Porter

"Joey Porter is not one of the people I have respect for. His unprofessionalism is ridiculous," Bengals offensive tackle Andrew Whitworth said on Monday regarding "the meltdown" that occurred Saturday.

If Hue leaves, what are the options internally?

It seems like a foregone conclusion that Hue Jackson is leaving to become a head coach. If that happens, what are the Bengals' options for a replacement?

McCarron impresses with fourth quarter performance

The conclusion of Cincinnati's loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers is justifiably taking center stage on Sunday. However, what shouldn't be lost is AJ McCarron's performance during Cincinnati's fourth quarter comeback.

Should Marvin Lewis be out?

Marvin Lewis is 0-7 in the playoffs and watched as his players lost control Saturday night, leading to his seventh loss during a game that the Bengals should have won. Is it time to move on?

Steelers vs Bengals Preview: History breeds hatred

The stakes may have never been higher in any other game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Cincinnati Bengals. Will there be demons exorcised, or will it be more of the same heartbreak?

Mailbag: Dalton's health, stopping Brown and hate

We answer the burning questions on the minds of Bengals fans as we approach a Wild Card clash against the Steelers. Send us your questions to be answered in this weekly feature!

Hue Jackson among top head coaching candidates

Bengals offensive coordinator Hue Jackson was a candidate in Buffalo last year. Interest in Jackson will undoubtedly increase this year with speculative interest in San Francisco and Cleveland.

Dalton's recovery is the great unknown

Quarterback Andy Dalton, who suffered a broken thumb last week, visits with the doctor on Monday. The outcome will obviously map out his availability this Saturday against the Steelers.

CIN at DEN: Statements measuring a Mile High

The Bengals face the Broncos on the national stage in a late-season game with huge playoff implications. Will Cincinnati shy away from the bright lights once again, or are they on track to sew up one of the best seasons in franchise history?

Mailbag: AJ's trial by fire, running game, Wildcat

We answer the burning questions on the minds of Bengals fans. This week, the focus is all on the offense with AJ McCarron getting the start against the 49ers. Contact us on Twitter or by email to have your questions mentioned in this feature!

Reviewing hits, slaps and eye pokes from Sunday

Not only were words exchanged on Sunday but hits, eye pokes and tackles were too. Some of the battles included Wallace Gilberry vs David DeCastro, Dre Kirkpatrick vs Antonio Brown and A.J. Green vs Antwon Blake.

Being a nervous Bengals fan is a full-time job

Cincinnati's recent struggles have led to their first regular season losing streak since 2013. Are you nervous about it? A simplified observation of this Bengals team currently ranges from perfection to awful, apparently in that order.

Evaluating how good 2015 Bengals really are

While the Cincinnati Bengals started off the 2015 season in unprecedented 8-1 fashion, we take a look at their past schedule upcoming schedule, injured players and more, and ask if the team is as good as the record states.

Game Preview: Familiar faces and hard feelings

The Cincinnati Bengals travel from the cold, but friendly confines of Paul Brown Stadium, to the warm desert in Arizona. While they're there, the Bengals have a big game ahead of them, while facing some of their old players.

Bengals vs Steelers Game Preview: Seventh Heaven

It's difficult for us to call Week 8 a critical game, but it's one that could truly define the outlook of the AFC North this year. Will the Bengals grab an unprecedented seventh consecutive win to start a season?

Lewis: Bigger things than being 6-0

The Cincinnati Bengals enter the bye week undefeated at 6-0. "Whatever", they say. It's just part of the journey toward a greater prize. "We've been better for six straight games," Lewis said, "at the end of the day it doesn't win us anything."

Bengals' defensive line was badass against Chiefs

Cincinnati's defensive line was a force to be reckoned with during the Bengals' 36-21 win over the Chiefs. Has the once fearsome defensive line finally returned? It's beginning to look more and more like it.

Maclin's completed catch vs Eifert's non-TD

The Bengals have had two questionable plays hit them in successive weeks, promoting the call... what really is a catch in the NFL? The rules may be in place but are they being followed and do they actually make any sense?

Chiefs vs Bengals Game Preview: We're on to Week 4

The Bengals arguably have their toughest matchup of the young season with an up-and-down Kansas City squad. Will Cincinnati keep riding high or will the Chiefs get their team back on track with a big win?

Confident Hill will get through fumble issues

"I'm going to keep pounding. I can't let this (the fumbles) affect me," Jeremy Hill said. "I'm going to do my thing. I'm just going to be me. That stuff is behind me now. It is what it is."

Week 1: Will the Bay hold Cincy at bay again?

The Bengals are out to prove they are going to go further in 2015 than they ever have in the Marvin Lewis era. The quest starts Sunday in a sneaky, tough clash with the Raiders.

Bengals marching toward regular season opener

The Cincinnati Bengals entered the weekend with 75 players on their offseason roster. Now over, they have crafted their 53-man roster, a 10 player practice squad and have their sights on the regular season opener in Oakland.

Greg Little earned his job this year in Cincy

Bengals wide receiver Greg Little joined Cincinnati after the Bengals lost James Wright for the season. Little turned an opportunity into a job, making the 53-man roster on Saturday.

NFL preseason not worth risk, should be deep-sixed

The NFL watched on Sunday as two teams, who are expected to make a postseason impact this year, suffered major injuries to their roster during a meaningless preseason game.

Josh Kirkendall's Bengals 53-man projection 3.0

We take what we learned during training camp and apply it to our latest 53-man Bengals roster projection. Will the rookies who stood out against the Giants make the team? Will coaching-favorite veterans return? Only time will tell.

Wilder Jr. leans on dad, former Buc, for guidance

"I was like, 'Man, pop, you don't understand," Wilder Jr. said via ESPN. "'You came in and started right away. You didn't have to go through practice squad.'"

Bengals tight ends progressing as season nears

Cincinnati experienced a scare when Tyler Eifert laid on the turf for several minutes on Thursday. Along with questioning his durability, the Bengals tight end position has much to prove.

Geno Atkins impacting the field and rookies

"They call me ‘Baby Geno' in the locker room, but I haven't done anything yet to reach that status," said rookie DT DeShawn Williams.

Tempering expectations for starters in preseason

The Cincinnati Bengals open the preseason on Friday, hosting the New York Giants at Paul Brown Stadium. However, you shouldn't expect much from Cincinnati's starters. What will be more interesting to watch is the rookies and bubble players.

Bengals expect Maualuga back "shortly"

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Rey Maualuga has missed all of training camp thus far with a hamstring injury. Defensive coordinator Paul Guenther expects Maualuga back very soon.

AJ McCarron is already proving alarmists wrong

Bengals quarterback AJ McCarron struggled early during training camp, causing some alarmists to overreact about the team's 53-man roster. He's starting to hilariously prove 'em wrong by improving with each passing practice.

Can we trust Bengals receiver Marvin Jones?

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones hasn't practiced since Sunday, calling it the training camp blues where muscles will eventually become sore. Should we worry about Jones and his durability?