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Preseason 2013

Stories about the Cincinnati Bengals preseason and training camp for 2013.

Lewis: "There's A Plan" With LB Howard's Visit

Marvin Lewis coyly addressed the Thomas Howard situation on Monday with the local media. Though they will be careful, Lewis feels confident about how the Bengals are approaching Howard's visit.

NFL Roster Cuts Deadline 2013

As we wait to see the news trickle in, there are hundreds of players wondering if they are going to have a job on Sunday.

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Cincinnati Bengals Roster Cuts

The stories, updates, analysis, predictions and opinions about the Cincinnati Bengals 53-man roster.

Colts at Bengals: Snap Counts

Taking a look at the snap distribution by the Bengals offense and defense during Cincinnati's 27-10 win over the Indianapolis Colts.

Bengals finish preseason with 27-10 win over Colts

The Bengals have decisions to make now that the preseason is over following Cincinnati's 27-10 win over the Indianapolis Colts.

Lamur carted off the field with a shoulder injury

The Bengals may have suffered their most significant injury in terms of roster impact yet when linebacker Emmanuel Lamur was carted off the field with an apparent shoulder injury.

Bengals take a 7-3 lead behind the ground game

The Bengals had a game-plan. Run a lot. And they did.

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Preseason Finale: Colts at Bengals

News, updates, and instant analysis for Cincinnati's preseason finale against the Colts

Tecmo Bowl Futures: Bengals Vs. Colts

You can go anywhere on the web and find what the experts think the outcome of any game will be. I have my own expert. She was born in 1991 and has had my heart ever since. Her name, Tecmo Super Bowl.

Current fantasy FB trends for Bengals players

With three weeks of preseason behind us and with many fantasy football drafts underway, it's time to take another look at how the fantasy football community values Bengals players.

Hard Knocks Recap: Episode Four

We get a look inside what happened with the Bengals in the week leading up to the Dallas game.

Bengals trim roster to 75

The deadline to cut the roster to 75 is 4:00 pm today. The Bengals have made some moves to get to that number.

Bengals can release only one player for 75-man max

The Bengals have six more transactions to make before they're complying with league rules on the 75-man maximum.

Time To Worry About The Bengals' Offense Again?

With any loss in the NFL, comes questions. After Saturday's loss against the Dallas Cowboys, there might be some concerns about the team's offense in the wake of their "dress rehearsal".

Brandon Tate Earning His Spot On Final Roster

The embattled wide receiver is one a prove-it deal with the club and has shown a little bit of everything this preseason, which could earn him a spot on the final roster.

Sampling the Bengals backup defensive linemen

We take a brief look at the backup defensive tackles for the Cincinnati Bengals in Brandon Thompson and Devon Still.

Maualuga's role as a two-down linebacker

We're keeping our eye on Rey Maualuga this preseason, seeing how much he has improved and how the Bengals intend to use him this season.

Cincinnati Bengals release six players

The Bengals released six players on Sunday to get within the league mandated 75-man maximum by this Tuesday. They have six players to go.

Bengals 53-Man Roster Projection After Loss

Taking a look at the 53-man roster projection following Cincinnati's 24-18 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

NFL Roster Cuts: Candidates to be released

The Bengals need to release 12 players by Tuesday's 4 p.m. deadline to get under the 75-man roster. We've identified a handful.

Quick passes keeps the Bengals offense efficient

The Bengals offense was at their best against Dallas when the passes were quick and the running game was effective.

Kirkpatrick dealing with concussion-like symptoms

The young cornerback got extensive work and insanely tested against the Cowboys passing game.

Bengals at Cowboys: Total snap counts

Taking a look at the snap distribution by the Bengals offense and defense during Cincinnati's 24-18 loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Lewis on Smith: He should be fine for Chicago

Starting right tackle Andre Smith suffered a knee injury during the second quarter.

Dunlap and ten others not expected to play

Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap will miss the game against the Cowboys, along with 10 others.

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Cincinnati Bengals at Dallas Cowboys

All of the stories, updates, injuries, and scores from Cincinnati's third preseason game of the year.

Bengals at Cowboys: Projected Lineup

Taking a quick look at the Bengals injury list and projected lineup between the Bengals and Cowboys Saturday afternoon.

Bengals at Cowboys: Talking Cowboys with BTB

The Bengals head to Dallas to play preseason game number three. We talk about the Cowboys with Blogging the Boys.

Cowboys aware of Bengals DC Mike Zimmer

Jason Garrett is no longer calling the plays, but he knows Mike Zimmer and knows that the defensive coordinator will make it difficult on the Cowboys.

Bengals at Cowboys: 53-man Roster Projection

Taking a quick look at how we're projecting the 53-man roster heading into Dallas this Saturday.

Cowboys at Bengals 2013: Time, TV, Replay, Etc..

Some nuts and bolts as we prepare for the third Bengals preseason game of the year.

Bengals at Cowboys: Murray could see an increase

The feature back for the Dallas Cowboys hasn't had many carries during the preseason and may see more against the Bengals this weekend.

Five Things To Watch For: Bengals at Cowboys

Taking a look at five things to look for between the Bengals and Cowboys this weekend.

Andre Smith Impressive After Rocky Offseason

Andre Smith has been a frustrating player since he came to Cincinnati in 2009. He hit his stride the past couple of seasons, but a roller coaster of an offseason led to more questions. Smith's on-field play in the preseason has quelled concerns.

Practice Update: Several veterans are resting

A handful of players were out of practice on Wednesday -- which may or may not be extended rest for veterans.

Jermaine Gresham: Elite blocker?

After the Titans game, Jay Gruden said that Jermaine Gresham was "as good of a blocking tight end... as there is," but last year Gresham was rated by PFF as one of the worst blocking tight ends in the game. Where is the disconnect?