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Former Bengals Quarterback John Skelton Signs With 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals' odd relationship and obsession of each others' players continued this week.

Andy Lyons

Has there been two teams that have coveted each others' players more than the Bengals and the 49ers? Likely not, in recent memory. The two teams have traded players to each other and picked up other former players as free agents quite often over the past few years. Wouldn't you know it? It happened again this week.

According to the team's official website on Wednesday, the 49ers have signed former Bengals and Cardinals quarterback John Skelton.

San Francisco has Colt McCoy as their backup to Colin Kaepernick, but there have been rumblings about their level of happiness with the former Browns quarterback. To make room for Skelton, the 49ers released another quarterback, B.J. Daniels.