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Another Former Bengals RB Turns The Table

The Cincinnati Bengals are developing an all-star group of former running backs turned DJs.

Jonathan Daniel

What is it with former Bengals running backs becoming DJs?

First it was Cedric Benson, moonlighting as a DJ around Austin, Texas under the moniker DJ World Peace, who still has a website LAYING DOWN THE FUNK!


Enter former Chiefs and Bengals running back Larry Johnson, who is following Benson's path as a DJ, but in a much more leisurely manner.

According to TMZ, Johnson is spinning the rock and laying down the roll at a Miami strip club.

Multiple TMZ strip club sources ... yeah, we got those (a lot of those) ... tell us Johnson has been spotted manning the DJ booth at Tootsie's Cabaret in Miami several times this year. We're told Johnson isn't the main DJ -- but every now and then, he'll take over the booth for a quick guest set ... and the crowd loves it.

Ironically, Johnson signed with the Bengals in 2009 when Cedric Benson suffered an injury. Bernard Scott replaced Benson as the starting running back, but suffered his own injury, upgrading Johnson to role of primary back against the Cleveland Browns on Nov. 29, 2009. Johnson posted 107 yards rushing in that game, but wasn't brought back in 2010.