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FLASHBACK: Bengals lost their only Thanksgiving game

And it wasn't even a loss... it was a battering in the second half of the 2010 primetime game. The Jets scored two touchdowns in the third quarter and then Carson Palmer took a fourth-quarter sack in the endzone.

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Did you know that the Cincinnati Bengals once played a Thanksgiving game.

It wasn't too long ago. In fact, it was only 2010.

And predictably it was awful... a primetime game with a 10-7 halftime score that dramatically shifted in the third quarter after a Brad Smith 53-yard touchdown run and then a Mark Sanchez 13-yard touchdown to Santonio Holmes. The latter completed a 14-yard drive that began with an Andre Caldwell muffed punt. And in typical Bob Bratkowski fashion, Cincinnati responded with a nice eight-yard throw to Terrell Owens (yes, Bratkowski actually threw a lot on first down), then dialed-up Cedric Benson on consecutive runs to gain one yard. Three-and-out and Punt.

Eventually Palmer would take a sack in the endzone with 6:57 remaining in the game, giving New York an eventual 26-10 win over the Bengals. It would be the eighth straight loss that season.

And here you are blaming Andy Dalton for all of these primetime woes.

Dating back to 1920, when the Akron Pros beat the Canton Bulldogs 7-0, and the Decatur Staleys beats the Chicago Tigers 6-0, Cincinnati's game in 2010 is the only game that the Bengals have ever played on Thanksgiving.


A recap from that game and the day after.

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