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Former Bengals Linebacker James Harrison Visits Cardinals

The former defensive menace of the AFC North might be making a move to the desert for a reunion with Bruce Arians.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

What is it about the NFL teams out west coveting former Bengals players recently? As if the San Francisco 49ers didn't already swap players with Cincinnati enough over the years, the Arizona Cardinals are now creating their own version of "Bengals West".

Frostee Rucker, Carson Palmer and a handful of others have joined and left the Cardinals over the past couple of seasons. The Bengals' recent success is obviously a reason for the popularity of the players that they cut loose, but Arizona head coach Bruce Arians' AFC North past obviously plays into the equation. You can add James Harrison as another possible addition to the desert.

Per multiple sources, Harrison visited the Cardinals on Friday--particularly with Arians. No contract has been offered, but with the team facing injury issues on defense to lineman Darnell Dockett and linebacker Daryl Washington, the Cardinals might be looking for all able bodies that they can possibly add.

Arians praised Harrison's tenacity and the shape that he appeared to be in when visiting the team. Though he brought leadership to the Bengals last season, Harrison wasn't a scheme fit in Cincinnati. The Cardinals employ a 3-4 defense that could play more to Harrison's strengths as a pass-rusher. Again, no contract offered at this point, but with final cuts coming this weekend, it wouldn't be surprised to see a reunion.