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Chad Johnson weighs in on the state of the Bengals

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Former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson joins the Scott Garceau show on 105.7 The Fan to talk about the Bengals and what he's up today.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Chad Johnson experienced some problems that damaged his reputation toward the end of his Bengals career, but he's still Cincinnati's all-time leading wide receiver. He leads the team in virtually every major statistical category from all-time receptions (751), yards receiving (10,783), to receiving touchdowns (66).

The impressive thing is the lead that he has over everyone else. For instance Johnson's 751 receptions is 221 receptions more than Carl Pickens, who has the second-most in franchise history. And the 10,783 yards receiving is nearly 4,000 yards more than Pickens -- also second-most in franchise history. And that doesn't even include the single-season records that he owns.

Johnson joined the Scott Garceau show on 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore with Jeremy Conn and CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora. He talked about this and that, but was specifically asked about the Bengals.

"They’re 0-6 in the playoffs, and before anything else you have to understand how long it has been since Cincinnati was able to get to that point," said Johnson via "Now they're been able to get to that point consistently year in and year out. So right now I will say the Bengals will consistently go to the playoffs every year. To get over the hump it comes from one person and that’s the quarterback play. With A.J. Green being out, with them getting over the hump all comes down to Andy Dalton and his decision making. His decision making will get them where they want to. And that’s all it is and that will come with maturity, time and repetition."