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Ross Tucker shares funny Justin Smith story

Niners Nation is remembering one of their best players -- Justin Smith, who was a former first round pick with the Cincinnati Bengals. This story is kind of awesome... though very Smith-like.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

You could debate the impact that Justin Smith had with the Cincinnati Bengals and San Francisco 49ers -- the only two teams he played for during his 14-year NFL career, seven years with each team. Smith had a great career in Cincinnati -- two seasons of which were prior to the Marvin Lewis era. His contributions continued in San Francisco until his retirement, which he announced earlier this week.

Niners Nation (SB Nation's awesome 49ers site and victim to random "irritated Bengals fan hates the 49ers because of two Super Bowls" tweets) is capturing the best stories on Smith. One of which includes the Bengals. Niners Nation took a podcast interview with Ross Tucker and transcribed an awesome story.

So, we're kicking a meaningless field goal, and Justin Smith just absolutely drills me, just knocks me down on to my butt, which you just kind of have to take it on extra point and field goals. Somehow, I don't know if it was on them or on us, but there was a penalty. So we had to kick it over. And I'll never forget, right when we're getting in our stance, right before we get in our stance, Justin Smith looks me in the eyes and says, "What do you say me and you kiss one more time, Tucker?" And I was like, "Are you serious?" And he said, "Yep!" And he absolutely destroyed me again.