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Fun Fact: The Bengals spoiled Saints' Superdome opening in '75

The Cincinnati Bengals were a powerful team in the mid-70s. New Orleans wasn't very good. It was only natural when Cincinnati spoiled New Orleans' fun when they opened the Superdome.

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Here's a little bit of trivia for you.

After eight seasons at Tulane Stadium, the New Orleans Saints moved into their new domed stadium, called the Superdome. Their first game at their new digs was played on Sept. 28, 1975. Who were their opponents? Naturally, it was Cincinnati and the Bengals dominated the Saints in a 21-0 blowout.

Terrance Harris with The Times-Picayune writes:

The 52,531 fans in attendance, the smallest crowd in franchise history, booed the home team and cheered for Cincinnati as the Saints remained without a touchdown through the first two weeks of the season after their 21-0 loss. The fans were none too pleased with the home team and let it be known courtesy of constant boos and paper airplanes launched from the seats.

Paper airplanes. Paper "flippin'" airplanes. Why not?

Let's not be too hard on the Saints, who were 2-12 in 1975 and had failed to reach a winning record in their eight years of existence; fans would actually wait until the replacements of 1987 to reach their first postseason. Who Dat? Apparently everyone.

Yet the Bengals were a powerhouse in 1975, compiling an 11-3 record with a second-ranked offense and a defense in the top-seven. Who Dey? Nobody.

"Cincinnati fifth-year quarterback Ken Anderson looked like a star, completing 17 of 22 passes for 203 yards and three touchdowns," writes Harris. "The score could have been worse, but Bengals coach Paul Brown eased up on the gas after an early third-quarter touchdown."