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Bengals Marvin Lewis disputes Jermaine Gresham hold

Early in the third quarter, Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones scored a 50-yard touchdown to tie the game at 10. Only that Jermaine Gresham was called for a hold, negating the touchdown.

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Uncharacteristically, Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis is making it publicly known that he's not happy with several calls during Cincinnati's 22-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins. Initially he complained about the safety, arguing that the football was out of the endzone; the league agreed with the call and even if there was a dispute, there wasn't any evidence for officials to overturn the call. Same with the Brian Hartline reception (looked like he was in but there was no official review), though Lewis hasn't said that he had a problem with that.

Another was the offensive hold called against Jermaine Gresham during Marvin Jones' 50-yard touchdown reception.

"By definition of the rule, there’s no restriction. The guy spins out of the block and Jermaine lets him go. That’s the way it should be called," Lewis said via "We've got flags flying. We've just got to keep working and it’ll turn back in our direction, in our favor. I can’t fault Jermaine for that. He’s got his hands on the guy. He’s shoving the guy. The guy spins. He lets him go. And Marvin runs around it. We just have to keep going. One play doesn't affect it. There were a lot of plays that affected the football game, as we know."

The situation is third and eight at midfield with 10:38 remaining in the third quarter. Andy Dalton finds Marvin Jones crossing the field. After the exciting young receiver avoided three tackles, he slipped around Jermaine Gresham's block and sprinted down the left sidelines for the touchdown.




Touchdown negated.

Instead of tying the game at 10, the Bengals have a first down at Miami's 34-yard line. Cincinnati continued marching downfield, reaching the 10-yard line before Brent Grimes returned an interception 94 yards for the touchdown to give Miami a 17-3 lead.

There's no doubt that Gresham has his share of penalties that's helped stall Cincinnati possessions. But how bad was that call?