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Mike Tomlin talks with Cincinnati Media about James Harrison

In the weekly press conference, questions turn to James Harrison and Hard Knocks.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

As we all know and are excited for, this is Steelers week. I had to look it up but apparently the Bengals have a linebacker on the roster that used to play for the Steelers. His name is James Harrison.

In the weekly conference call with the opposing coach, the Cincinnati beat writers had a chance to talk with Mike Tomlin all things Bengals and Steelers. The last couple minutes of the call was around James Harrison and Hard Knocks. When asked if he watched Hard Knocks Tomlin replied:

"I don't watch that reality television. That's Channel Zero."

To which someone said "I think you might have enjoyed the James parts"

"I know James, I don't need to watch."

When asked directly about Harrison Tomlin said:

"He leads more by example than he does verbally. James isn't always social," The whole room again laughs "I see you know James."

Tomlin was asked if he noticed a change in Harrison's play with the Bengals:

"I didn't evaluate him from that perspective, but he does appear to be James and we all know and understand how James plays. He brings physicality to the table. He's a guy that plays with great passion. He can inspire his teammates. We expect James to be James in the stadium."

The James Harrison story line is going to be played out from Sunday and all through the game Monday. It is an interesting one, there will be disappointment if he does not have the opportunity to plant Ben Roethlisberger to the ground at least once on Monday Night.

More importantly though is that the Bengals have a good opportunity to punish the Steelers, they can turn the season around with a win and make a statement with a big win.

Lastly, the media asked about the possibility of the Steelers doing the Hard Knocks series, the answer was very predictable:

"Obviously that decision would be up to the Rooneys from an ownership standpoint, But I don't see the advantages of it from a personal standpoint."