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NFL Picks and Predictions: Planet Earth picks the Bengals over the Steelers

The Cincinnati Bengals have a few supporters. Well, most of the country are picking the Bengals this Monday -- except for Steelers fans (well, most at least).

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The Cincinnati Bengals are favored by seven points. So considering that Cincinnati rarely beats Pittsburgh, and considering that Cincinnati has always had trouble placing the proverbial cleat on their opponent's throat, it wouldn't be surprising if people picked Pittsburgh over Cincinnati... against the spread.

Straight up, not even close.

Every writer at picked Cincinnati over Pittsburgh this Monday Night. Even the legendary Jake "The Snake" Roberts tabbed the Bengals. The crew at Cincy Jungle picked the Bengals, against the spread, but it's unclear if they were worried about their jobs by picking a team other than Cincinnati.


The entire NFL department at ESPN picked the Bengals. SBN Nation? Yep, the Bengals. Everyone in the NFL department at USA Today? You betcha, the Bengals.

Don Banks with Sports Illustrated predicts a 24-13 win by the Bengals.

Yes, I did notice that my two Super Bowl picks, the Bengals and Packers, both lost on the road in Week 1, and that statistically speaking that bodes poorly for their chances to still be playing in early February. Nevertheless, both will get to .500 this week at home, with Cincinnati's defense making sure the Steelers' sputtering and injury-depleted offense isn't getting off the mat this week.

Some are going with the Steelers, notably from the NFL Network. But they don't know football. Elliot Harrison predicts the Bengals with a 31-17 win.

When these teams last met in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh won predominantly on the strength of two factors: Jonathan Dwyer rushing for 122 yards on 17 carries in probably the finest game of his Steelers career, and tight end Heath Miller catching six balls, including a touchdown grab in tight coverage. Uh, it's safe to say neither will happen this time around. Dwyer, who was recently cut by the team, just got re-signed, but without injured starting center Maurkice Pouncey, Pittsburgh won't gain 122 rushing yards -- total. And Miller (knee) isn't ready to play yet. The Bengals? They should be fired up after giving away their season opener in Chicago. The Bengals moved the ball effectively against a solid Bears defense (gaining 340 yards and converting seven of their 11 third-down chances), but they turned the ball over three times. Andy Dalton and Co. right the ship this week.

Now go ahead and freak out because everyone is picking the Bengals.