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Fan Poll: Who Is Your Least Favorite Steelers Player Of All-Time?

We ask Bengals nation who their least favorite Steelers player is to kick off the big Monday night matchup between both teams.

Gregory Shamus

Something about the black and yellow just irks you, doesn't it? Steelers Nation has a way of grinding the gears of many fan bases, both with their boisterous behavior and a sense of envy that is evoked from the success that the franchise has had over the years. Now with a huge Monday Night Football game looming in just a few hours, it's time for a little fun.

Which Steelers player over the years has irked you the most? Some of the more famous faces of the 1970s? How about some of the more recent players that have brought two more Super Bowl Championships in the last decade? Sound off and cast a vote to show your Bengals pride!