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Bengals Defensive End Robert Geathers Out For Rest Of The Game Versus Steelers

Though the Bengals are deep on the defensive line, they have lost a key rotational guy for at least the rest of the Monday night game against the Steelers.


The Bengals are predictably in the middle of a divisional brawl with the Steelers on Monday Night Football and need all of the able bodies on defense that they can get. Even though their defense has been mostly solid through the first half, they will apparently be without a key rotational player the rest of the evening.

According to Paul Dehner, Jr. with The Cincinnati Enquirer, Bengals defensive end Robert Geathers will be out at least the rest of the evening with an injured elbow.

Though Carlos Dunlap has supplanted Geathers as the starter at defensive end, he still is a valuable defensive end in the formidable rotation up front. We don't know how significant the elbow injury is at the moment, but he won't be reappearing tonight on Monday Night Football.