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Bengals rookie Giovani Bernard features beautiful speed and a 17-10 lead over the Steelers

The Cincinnati Bengals have struggled all night, except for the times that they feature tight ends and running backs.

Kirk Irwin


The key to success in the NFL.

After the Bengals featured a game-plan heavy with Andy Dalton throws, Cincinnati featured a more balanced attack with over 11 minutes remaining in the third quarter.On three first downs throughout the possession, the Bengals called handoffs to Giovani Bernard, gaining 11 yards combined.

When the Bengals needed a third and short, Cincinnati called in the heavy duty badass formation with Domata Peko at fullback and BenJarvus Green-Ellis gaining two yards on third and short to Pittsburgh's 38-yard line with over eight minutes remaining.

In between those runs, Andy Dalton expressed his love with Jermaine Gresham, who powered his way upfield for beautiful 26-yard gain, along with an eight yard pick-up with over seven minutes remaining in the third quarter.

Everything setup a first and ten from Pittsburgh's 27-yard line with over six minutes remaining in the third quarter. Dalton takes the shotgun snap with Bernard running two yards pass the line of scrimmage. Dalton lobbed the pass to the rookie, who accelerated to warp speed down the left sidelines for the touchdown.

Bernard's second touchdown (his first career receiving) gives the Bengals a 17-10 lead with over six minutes in the third quarter.