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Bengals DE Michael Johnson Leaves For Evaluation, Returns To Play Versus Steelers

THe Bengals defensive end position has taken a couple of hits tonight with an injury to Robert Geathers but doidged a bullet with Michael Johnson.

Andy Lyons

The hype to an AFC bruiser has lived up to expectations. No matter how good or poor any of the teams in the AFC North look at any period of time, you know that these games will be a slug-fest. Such is the case on primetime television with the Bengals and Steelers.

After Robert Geathers wasn't going to return with an elbow injury, the defensive end position has continued to take hits because of injuries. The next player on the injury block is franchise tag designee, Michael Johnson. According to the team's official Twitter account, Johnson was taken to the locker room for evaluation in the third quarter.

However, a later update noted that Johnson was okay and would return to the game, courtesy of the Bengals official Twitter account, once again.

What was once looking grim within a couple of plays is apparently looking a bit more sunny now. THe Bengals need these two to continue to contribute to a solid defensive effort the rest of the the game.