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Bengals take 20-10 lead on 14-play drive that wiped out seven minutes

The Bengals have gone into a methodical approach that's wiping out the clock. They ended the drive with a field goal to take a two possession lead.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bengals have gone with a far more efficient and methodical approach.

With 14:42 remaining in the fourth quarter, the Bengals opened the possession at their own 36-yard line with a three-yard Giovani Bernard run. Mohamed Sanu picked up the first down on the ensuing play, finding a nice gap in zone coverage, generating 11 yards on the reception. A.J. Green added another five yards on a quick out, but faltered on the following play when Green and quarterback Andy Dalton miscommunicated on a deep pass down the right sidelines.

Back to the methodical approach.

Following a beautiful 16-yard reception by Marvin Jones to convert a third and five from Pittsburgh's 45-yard line, Sanu picked up four yards as a running back to the Steelers 25-yard line.

Now the methodical approach factors the expiring clock.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis ran the football four times, picking up 13 yards and setting up a third and three from the Steelers 12-yard line with nine minutes remaining. Under intense pressure, Dalton poorly threw the football to Tyler Eifert, falling incomplete. Fortunately, LaMarr Woodley lined up offsides, giving Cincinnati five yards and the first down.

Yet the Bengals were unable to capitalize on three changes from their Steelers eight-yard line, forcing Mike Nugent to convert the field goal and giving Cincinnati a ten-point lead with under eight minutes remaining.