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Hangout: Free Agency In The AFC North

Jason Garrison and Anthony Cosenza discuss the moves made already and upcoming free agency in the AFC North.

Hangout: Johnson vs. Smith And Free Agency

Josh Kirkendall and Jason Garrison discuss Bengals free agency using Google Hangout. Enjoy.

NFL Free Agency: Analyzing The Bengals Signins

Jason Garrison breaks down BenJarvus Green-Ellis' stats and compares them to Michael Bush's and Cedric Benson's in's latest video.

2012 NFL Free Agency: Players The Bengals Lost

In our latest video we discuss free agency and how the Bengals have done so far.

Bengals Need To Re-Sign Reggie Nelson

In's latest YouTube video, Jason Garrison discusses free agency, specifically Reggie Nelson and Michael Bush.

Video: Guards, Cornerbacks, Running Backs's first official YouTube video to go live on the new YouTube channel. Check it out.